Aiguevive Walnut Oil

Aiguevive Walnut Oil

This beautiful extra virgin Walnut Oil is produced in a small village in the “Black Perigord” region of France. This specialist producer only works with walnuts and their farms are only a stones throw away from the famous “rue de Noix”.

Aiguevive Walnut Oil is completely natural and is produced from the first cold pressing. It is filtered and bottled to order without any additional ingredients. The taste is of “fresh young green walnuts” and it received a special mention by the jury at the World Edible Oil Fair in Paris in 2004.

Aiguevive Walnut Oil is a natural virgin oil which is not subjected to any form of refining or other treatment, except for pressing and careful filtration. It is made from the best quality walnut kernels, rigorously selected, which are milled without direct heat and pressed in a single operation under a continuous screw press.

This innovative procedure preserves the intrinsic qualities of the walnuts and ensures the production of a very clear oil, fresh in taste, extremely pure and astonishingly natural.

Walnut oil is rich in Omega 3 as well as other essential fatty acids.

Traditional production methods usually destroy the essential fatty acids, but here they remain entirely intact – making up more than 70 per cent of the Aiguevive Walnut Oil.

This walnut oil is also a valuable source of energy, rich in Vitamin E, and a powerful natural antioxidant, the oil also has an ideal Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio, identical to the nutritional balance usually advised. Just 1½ table spoons of Aiguevive walnut oil gives you the recommended daily amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This delightful oil which tastes nothing more than young wet walnuts never fails to impress chefs. It has now been joined by a lightly grilled hazelnut oil that smacks of praline – and that completes the set.

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