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About the Vinegar

Golles Vinegar use only flawless fruit, fine wine, Excellent beers and must from outstanding vintners when making the famous Alois Golles vinegars.They are carefully mashed, fermented and aged until their flavour has matured and developed to a perfect harmony.

Depending on the variety, the crucial process of maturation occurs in stainless-steel vessels or small oak barrels and generally lasts several years. In the case of our finest XA range of balsamics this process can take over twenty years!

While cutting edge technology is used, the experience and skill of the vinegar maker is paramount to our hand manufacturing process.


The Golles family has been cultivating orchards in the sunny countryside around Austria’s Riegersburg Castle for four generations. Since the beginning of the 1980s they have specialised in manufacturing fine vinegars and premium spirits by hand. With an overwhelming emphasis on quality only the finest ingredients are used when making the vinegars.

Flawless sun ripened fruits and the finest wines are used as the basis for producing dense and robust schnapps and elegant, delicately aromatic vinegar.

This quest for exceptional fruit for the vinegar production is also at the heart of the Golles commitment to cultivating old fruit varieties that are now exceedingly rare. Since 1990 the family have been replanting the orchards with thousands of rare fruit varieties. Fruits such as saubirne (“sow” pear) and maschansker apple are transformed into the most amazing spirits and vinegars using state of the art technology.

The name Alois Golles is synonymous with the finest quality and production excellence.

Balsamic vinegars

Balsamic Vinegars from the house of Golles are produced in the traditional manner and meet the highest culinary standards. Fine balsamic vinegars derive their sweetness exclusively from the fruit used to make them; sugar is never added. The outstanding balance and vigorous aroma of apple balsamic and wine balsamic vinegar comes from the lengthy aging process in small oak barrels, in which water evaporates, resulting in a concentration of the ensemble of delicate flavours.

Classic Vinegars
These are fermented from a single variety of wine, or a single variety of Styrian apple or pear. The vinegars are then aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years. Golles vinegars are Indispensable when cooking fine foods and give an elegant, classically acidic taste.

Fruit vinegars

Only fully ripe and freshly picked fruit is used for Golles fruit vinegars. Fruits are pressed in a careful manner, ensuring that the delicate taste of the Styrian fruit is preserved down to the last drop. The mixed-variety alternative to the classic vinegars.
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