Cooking with Aromes

Many chefs currently use aromes because they give them more creative possibilities, save time and guarantee results whether using them for simple preparations or gastronomic recipes.
These little bottles of loveliness are great for experimenting with flavours for ice cream, make amazing cheesecakes, sauces, bread, coffee – anything and everything!
Cooking with aromes is easy – try one – it’s a shopping list staple!

The many advantages of aromes include:

  • Effective – only a few drops are necessary to enhance a sauce, just like using quality fresh ingredients.
  • Economic – concentrated and can be kept a long time. No waste and no storage problems.
  • Easy to use – the bottles have a special dropper allowing perfect dosing.
  • Always available – available all year round which means you don’t have to change your menu when certain fresh products are no longer in season.
  • Reassuring – easily rescue a bland dish just before serving it.
  • Variety – a wide range of different aromas for every use and every taste.
  • Convenient – the bottles are unbreakable and transparent like glass.

Passion FruitHazelnutBasilCrabLavenderWild Strawberry are just a few of the flavours available here at Vanilla Chef – there’s even Sea Urchin! Give an instant boost to any natural flavour!

You can find our selections of Aromes below!