Richard Turner

Chef Richard Turner professes to be the customer focused Michelin Chef who focuses more on flavour than gimmicks.

Though a water bath has been spotted in his bijou kitchen located at the rear of his equally bijou, but stylish restaurant on Harborne High Street, Richard prefers to air towards the more traditional methods of cooking to help him create the depth for flavour he so often reaps his praise for. “To me it’s all about the flavour on the plate, which ultimately comes from quality ingredients, and respect in the kitchen” comments Richard.

Midlands born, an largely unknown bit of trivia is that Richard’s Grandfather was the driver of the Birds custard Rolls Royce, so food has always been linked to the Turner family but arguably at opposite ends of the scale, Richard preferred to go the respected chef route, and has been a passionate chef for over 20 years.

Though Richard gained his experience locally, he has not followed the traditional route of other Michelin Chefs, and is largely self taught, so after the opening of Turners Restaurant in 2007, winning his Michelin Star in 2009 was as much as surprise to him, as others “That day my phone did not stop ringing, I was amazed, and honoured, and have continued to try and raise the bar ever since” he comments. Also highly commended by Hardens, ‘The Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year 2013/2014’ and a ‘Star also awarded for 2013/2014 guide’. Richard has also appeared as Head Chef on ITV’s ‘Britians Best Dish’ and on stage at the regions food shows. 

Despite all its awards and rave reviews Chef Richard Turner still believes in the philosophies he had when he opened the restaurant Turners in Birmingham. Richard believes that looking after his customers and using the freshest seasonal produce is the real reason for Turners Success.


Turners Restaurant, Birmingham

In Turners Restaurant, chef Richard Turner has created a small pocket of Michelin-star dining in Birmingham, sitting inconspicuously on Harborne High Street. Its discreet size and location mean that you may even walk past it the first time you visit. But as we know, size isn’t everything.