Caviaroli Oil

Caviaroli Olive Oil

When you think of gourmet foods, of course most would think immediately of Caviar. Caviaroli Oil is Olive Oil Caviar, the epitome of taste and class. It is essentially perfection encapsulated. It is enveloped in a pure natural casing, this ensures none of the original flavour or goodness is lost.

It is a fine Spanish Olive Oil of the highest quality, and with a superbly superior taste. It gently bursts in the mouth with various flavours that combine to give a contrast between bitter and sweet, acidic and fruity and an overall taste that nothing else can quite capture in the balance. Perfection.


Created by Ferran Adria in 2008, he marvelled at the wonder of it, and wanted to pass it on commercially whilst savouring it in its pure state. Two years later they discovered how to encapsulate this wondrous oil, with a thin layer of water containing sodium alginate. This created an extremely thin layer around the oil which permitted it to remain 100% pure. Preserving it in all its glory, retaining all of the original goodness and nutritional values.


Made from Picual Olives, which is derived from the Spanish word ‘pico’ meaning peak, and with its very own distinct taste which is unrivalled. Its golden colour and clear transparency add a touch of class to any meal. It not only enhances the taste, but the look of any meal. Its uses in the kitchen are vast and wide. It can be used in soups or sauces, cold or hot dishes, served alone or seasoned. Whereas olive oil being a liquid is unsuitable to be used on canapés, terrines and toast Caviaroli Oil is perfect. Add to this all the health benefits, essentially no home should be without it.

You can order these gourmet oils online in various flavours now: Arbequina, Basil, Hazelnut, Piment D’Espelette Chilli, Rosemary or Sesame. Shop for our full range of Caviaroli Olive Oils today!

It is now renowned for being used in many Michelin starred restaurants. It is a luxurious product that can be used to accentuate, flavour and embellish any dish.