Most spices are available from good supermarkets, but the more unusual and high quality spices can be found in specialist food shops and online stores, such as Sauce Fine Foods! 

Keep fresh spices in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Dried, whole, and ground spices should be stored in sealed containers in a cool dark place. Whole dried spices will keep for 1-3 years; ground ones for around 6 months.

Spices lend character to a host of dishes and, of course, every cuisine has it’s favourites. To intensify their flavour, toast spices in a dry frying pan over a gentle heat (at about 110°C) for 10 minutes to activate and release the natural oils. As they toast, the spices begin to release their fragrance. Avoid using a high heat or toasting for longer, as the spices are liable to burn. If they do so, they will impart an acrid and bitter taste to your finished dish. To grin spices, you will need a good, large pestle and mortar with a rough inner surface. Besides being key to a lot of recipes, it is a beautiful object to have in your kitchen.


Made up for crystals of sodium chloride, these salts can all be used as a condiment or seasoning, but for preserving, choose rock salt or pickling salt. Sea salt is unsuitable for this purpose because of the minerals it contains. It is, however, the one to use for cooking. Fine ground sea salt is labelled simply as cooking salt or gross selThere are also specialty sea salts. Avoid table salts or iodized salt for pickles, as they can cause clouding of the liquid, or darkening of the food.

Salts have an indefinite shell life, but they should be kept in airtight containers as they will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and become lumpy. If this happens, spread evenly in a baking tray, dry in the oven, and break up the clumps.

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High quality saffron spice stamens can be difficult to source and they are expensive. To get the best out of them, soak in hot water to rehydrate and draw out their wonderful colour, flavour and aroma. Saffron powder is less expensive than saffron strands and readily passes on its flavour and colour. Saffron flavoured dishes can be often found on the menus of many top-tier restaurants, and chefs claim that Iranian saffron is by far the most superior. 

Characteristic in Mediterranean fish soups and stews. Also popular in risottos, paellas, biryanis, pilafs, in baking, and to flavour ice cream. Infuse the strands and add early in cooking for a deeper colour; later for stronger fragrance.