Thiercelin 1809

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In 1809, Jean Thiercelin bought a piece of land in Pithiviers, in the region of Loiret, and a fortified wall was erected, within which local agricultural products were produced, such as wine, honey and vinegar. Jean’s sons, Louis and François Thiercelin then expanded the company and became spice dealers, mainly dealing with Saffron. By 1869, Lucien Thiercelin had enhanced Saffron trade and exportation, and by 1900, he had diversified the companies activities into sea weeds, and specialised in  the manufacturing of Agar-Agar, and a new factory was opened in Brest. The company continued to progress, and the first laboratory was opened in 1901, and relationships with French embassies all over Europe continued to progress. The company carried on expanding and improving until 1914, when the first world war broke out. The company then struggled all the way up to 1936, and then faced a particularly turbulent time with one of the lowest points coming in 1942, when manufacturing was ceased in the production site in Pithiviers, Loiret.

After the second world war, Thiercelin resumed their efforts although they found the first few years to be troublesome. In 1950, Jean is asked to join the American Embassy as an agricultural attaché, and his spouse continued to run the family business. Jean unfortunately passed away in 1976, and the business was taken over by his son, Jean M Thiercelin, who ran the business under the social name Tradimpex Jm Thiercelin at the Rungis facilities, Val De Marne. Enriqueta Thiercelin, spouse of Jean opened the fruit and vegetable department, Tradimpex Agroalimentaire in December of 1976. In 1995, Thiercelin decided to cater for the general consumer when it opened the doors to its new shop Goumanyat & Son Royaume which was located in the Opera district, however this moved to the Haut Marais in the Temple district of Paris.

In 2002, Jean Philippe, David and finally Arnaud Thiercelin joined the family business, and they are the latest and 7th generation of the family business. In 2005, Jean M Thiercelin was awarded the official title of Master Artisan by the chamber of trade, which demonstrates the level of quality and service still employed by Thiercelin 1809 today. In 2009, Thiercelin 1809 celebrated its 200 year anniversary, and today in 2013, the company still retains its high quality products and excellent service, which has made it such a success in its 200 years plus of operation, and is the reason that Thiercelin is the supplier of many highly ranked hotels, gastronomical restaurants and high quality caterers.

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